Going On A First Date? Stay Away From These Five Drinks

Going On A First Date? Stay Away From These Five Drinks
Going On A First Date? Stay Away From These Five Drinks

Navigating the murky waters of the first date can be problematic if you have no idea of the kind of drinks that are not only suitable for you but also for your date. While there are a number of options that are super-solid first date orders, there are also certain drinks that you should at best stay away from on a first date.

Read on for five first date drinks to avoid. You can thank us later.

Pretty much any drink that ends in ‘tini’ and those that doesn’t begin with ‘Mar’ should be avoided. As a matter of fact, even the classic Martini is a weird choice these days simply because it can come off as self-consciously anachronistic.

Ordering any of the countless sweet or chocolatey Martini variations, though, is grounds for immediate date termination. Avoid them with a ten foot pole.

Sex On The Beach
A Sex on the Beach is definitely a fine drink to order while on a tropical vacation, but please do your best to stay far from it on a first date. The obvious truth is that the drink is just a provocative name for a harmless fruity drink.

The mudslide is tasty. You know what else is tasty? Chocolate milk. The simple fact is you’re on a first date and you are an adult that had left high school behind.

The Mudslide, with its heavy mix of Kahlúa, Baileys, cream and chocolate syrup, is a lot closer to the eating ice cream straight out of container after a break up than it is to “smooth first impression in a dark bar.”

Any Drink With Flavoured Vodka
Flavoured vodka has taken the drinking world by storm in the last couple of years. Sometimes it’s done subtly, but more often than not, the name of the flavour game is stunt flavouring that overshadows the main drink.

If you want to enjoy a cocktail that tastes like a strawberry cupcake, that’s your prerogative. Just so you know, don’t be upset when your first date doesn’t lead to a second.

While there’s nothing objectively wrong with ordering a Cosmo on a first date, ordering one is a good way to tell your date that you long for the days of oxygen bars, frosted tips and Michael Bolton.

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