This Burn Survivor’s Makeover will Warm Your Heart 💕

This Burn Victim's transformation will Warm Your Hearts 💕

Daniella was a burn victim who frequented House Of Lamari‘s beauty shop with piqued interest in the work done there.

They decided to give her a makeover and the outcome is amazing. Here is the story behind the above photo:

Little Daniella❤ ❤ ❤
My new friend😆. 😢😭when Daniella was just 6years old she was sleeping with her younger brothers 😿when the candle fell on the a 6year old without their parents around there was nothing she could do. She lost one of her brothers in the fire…. but her mum suffered it more. She lost it all including her marriage 😿😿.
Daniella passes by my studio with her school friends & she stands outside my studio most times to watch us work 😊 so i & my students decided to give her a makeover &she loved it. She was smiling & crying when she looked at herself in d mirror after the makeover.
#makeupforblackwomen #makeup#burnsuvivor

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